Xmas in New Zealand Land Tour plus 7-night Hawaiian Cruise 18 Dec 2014 – 11 Jan 2015

Dear June – A personal “Thank you” for the detailed, efficient and professional arrangements made for our trip to New Zealand and Cruise. I could not believe that we could travel so far from home with such confidence and ease. Our trip to New Zealand was educational, entertaining and refreshing. Good scenery, detailed history and information, interesting and comical commentary throughout the tour. Not to mention, good food and memorable experiences. The Cruise was as relaxed as expected and we had a wonderful time embracing the Hawaiian culture. The Hawaiian Ambassador (aboard ship) was “China” who is a wonderful person. Thanks again for designing a wonderful trip. All the best for 2015

Muriel, Veldene, Louise & Hartley

I have taken a lot of wonderful vacations in my lifetime, but to-date this was the very best by far.


European Coach Tour – August 2014

Had a wonderful time, learnt a lot from the numerous countries visited, great experience

Joyce & Chester

Learnt a lot from the tour, had a great time, wish we could have stayed longer to see more of amazing Europe. I felt special and was amazed that all immigration forms were filled.



I am still thinking with so much pleasure of our journey to Dubai. We all wanted to stay longer In Abu Dhabi. What a lovely group we were.  God and you were good to me. I would so love to go there again. I have read so much more about it…their medical services are superb.  Now, if you want to see the real story about Dubai, put in your browser…….’Piers Morgan. The luxury life of Dubai and a luxury tour of Dubai.’ This is the one that I like. It is fantastic. Lots of people are asking me about when is your next tour to the Middle East!  I hope you have your album ready and your pictures enlarged and placed strategically around the office. I feel that many people will be breaking down the doors to get in to book tickets.


Thank you for a wonderful time in Dubai. I will treasure every moment for years to come; it was truly an amazing journey. Thanks for all the hard work you put in to make it special. Blessings always.


Hello Lynette – First I must say thanks for being such a loving and caring host to the group on our Panama Canal Cruise. The cruise was excellent and very educational, everything was well organized. I had a wonderful time, and I would encourage anyone to take this cruise. Thanks again.

Our travel client and friend Harriet

St Barnabas’ Church and Friends Holy Land Pilgrimage – August 2013

Wonderful trip, everyone bonded, (Tour Escort) did a tremendous job even to the very end.


Good trip….good value for money…..would do it again in five years’ time.


Very well planned…..enjoyed trip…..excellent Tour Guide and Driver.


Marvellous and so spiritually uplifting, I am telling everyone about it.


Enjoyable! Liked how it was organized.


Canada Land Tour – August 2013

Enjoyed the beauty of the country, attractions and the pace at which the tour was organised.


Disney World Tour – August 2013

Had a fabulous time, was in awe with the decorations at the various theme parks, thought that the tour was very well organised, looking forward to joining Travel House on many more.


Panama Canal 2012

Well planned tour, everything went well. Sailing though the canal was an amazing experience.


It was historic, a great experience.  It is indescribable; one must definitely experience the journey through the canal in order to know what it is like.  Simply the best!!!


It was mind boggling and amazing to see what can be done with man-made labour. Truly an extraordinary tour.


Cruising from Barbados aboard CARNIVAL

Very well organised and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.


Carnival Valor Ship

Just a quick note to let you know that this was my first cruise and I am so impressed and happy that I am now looking forward to doing it again.


Carnival Valor Ship

Midail, thanks for organizing and making things real easy and pleasant for all of us. The others are regular cruisers so they are used to your service, but as a first-timer I had to let you know how pleased I was and to say a special thank you.

The Rogers Group

Carnival Valor ship